Play free poker tournaments online with small or large stack

Play free poker tournaments online with any stack size

It is often said about MTTs that those who successfully pull the nominations in the deep stage – win. And yet, let’s be sensible people: luck is luck, but it tends to pass. At least in theory. But when the downstream in MTT reaches a year or more, it can make you seriously doubt your skill.

Let’s take a look at prose and cons of play free poker tournaments online for living and discuss some tips that will make you a better player.

Is it possible to play poker tournaments for living?

Pros of tournaments:

  • Possibility of winning Life-Changing Money. Who among us has not dreamed of winning a million?
  • The largest pool of players.
  • Selection of tournaments.
  • Large margin for growth by limits.

Pretty good points in defense of MTT.

Cons of tournaments:

  • Long periods of downstream. Calculating the probability of drawdowns on various ABIs is a matter of statistics and analysis of a large (very large) amount of data, which is not so easy to do.
  • Long continuous sessions. MTT session lasts from 7-8 hours. And you can fly out at the pre-final and really earn nothing. Moreover, you will get a breaks of only 5 minutes every hour.
  • Bankroll management. The bankroll for MTT requires a stronger bankroll for the same income as in cash games.

Fortunately, all of this is compensated by the abundance of backing funds, where they will even take care of your psychological state, but you will also have to share the profit there.

How to play different stacks

How to play tournament poker? There is no easy answer. The dynamics of the tournament situation is also important: growing blinds, antes, players’ stacks.

It is the size of your stack that can become a steady guideline in constant change. It can be conventionally divided into the following types:

  1. big – over 90 big blinds;
  2. medium – 40-90 bb;
  3. small – 25-40 bb;
  4. restyling – 15-25 bb;
  5. push-fold – less than 14 big blinds.

A common factor to consider with any chip count is the playability of the hand.

Game with 90+ bb

Play free poker tournaments online with a big stack – you can get away even with a sloppy and expensive hand, and the tournament will continue.

Playing with 40-90 bb

It’s also a comfortable amount, the impending growth of the blinds in poker is not scary. The raise size should be reduced from 3 big blinds to 2.5 big blinds.

Playing with 25-40 bb

This stack size is one of the most inconvenient – playing well with this many chips requires skill and experience. There are still too many chips to open-push, but not enough for three streets postflop.

Playing with 15-25 bb

Stealing blinds – the theft of blinds from other players. When someone opens up and you 3-bet-push, that is resteal. The most convenient way to re-steal is with such a stack.

Playing with less than 15 bb or less

Pass or push. Play free poker tournaments online with a short stack and you are out of options. The number of chips will not allow you to play postflop.

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